Testing Terms and Conditions

All skills tests runs, knowledge test questions, answers, testing requirements and scoring were developed by the Washingtoin State Motorcycle Program, a division of the Washington State Department of Licensing. 

All testing will begin promptly at the scheduled time. Please be here at least 15 minutes early to complete the registration and pre test activities. If you are late for the session, you may not be allowed to test that day. Be early! 

You must register online for a testing session or make prior arrangements for an appointment. Testing appointments will not be made on days classes are being conducted. Walk in testing will not be accomodated. Special appointment testing outside of our scheduled sessions will carry an additional $25.00 appointment fee. 

You must provide a motorcycle for your skills test. Loaner motorcycles are only provided for training classes and the testing associated with the class. Motorcycles are not provided for permit or endorsement testing outside of class.

The motorcycle you bring must require an endorsement to legally ride on the street. Your motorcycle will undergo a brief safety inspection. We will check:
1. Tire tread and condition to be able to safely ride during the skills tet
2. Brake pedal and lever does not require excessive press or squeeze to apply the brakes.
3. The throttle rollls back to the idle position with no rider assistance when released from a rolled on position.
4. There are no fluid leaks.
5. Your tabs are current.

If your motorcycle does not the above criteria, you will not be allowed to test.

If you are not successful, re-tests will be administered if there is time in the testing session. The fee you paid will include one retest. Testing beginning on the third attempt will have additional fees charged.  

A maximum of two test will be administered in any one testing session. A Skills re-test will not be offered if the reason for your failure is a crash or you ride unsafely.

Upon successful completion, your scores will be entered into the DOL portal. We will have your scores entered by the completion of the 3rd business day after your test. You must visit the Department of Licensing to have your Permit/Endorsement added to your license. Nothing accomplished at MTI enables you to ride legally until you visit a Department of Licensing service office or go online to complete the process.